Sligo Cottage

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Previous Visitors

Freya Grand, landscape artist - See Freya's paintings of Ireland and Scotland including Fossil Beach in Maugherow, and Ben Bulben. Also her videos and series of small works.

Haiku by Judith Ford, American writer - "Little snapshots" from Judith's visit in 2009.

September 2009 haiku
Sept 2

plates of light, changing
row upon row, travelers
dislodged, still as stones

Sept 3

smell of sea, two dogs
guide us to thick grass, loud cows
building full of holes
Sept 4

wind like jet engines
shakes tree limbs, ruffles puddles
blows seagulls off course
Sept 4
Streedagh Beach

rocks as big as heads
wind as big as giants’ breath
three glad dogs running

Sept 5
Cloonagh Beach (in memory of Dick Olney)

"hold this land you love
with the soft hands of your eyes,"
he said, with me still
Sept 6

black-faced, deep-eyed cow
comes to fence, considers me;
I take his picture
Sept 7

stone tables on tombs
three young cows in stone circle
munching, trying sex
Sept 8

grasslands send out light
having earlier stored it
for just this moment
Sept 9

what eyes have watched this
centuries past; the high tomb
the green shrouded hill
Standhill Beach, Voya

lay down in seaweed
serpents’ home, placental source,
limp leaves, soft fingers





2017 Rates

Note: the cottage is not currently available for rent.

  • 4-night weekend: EUR 300
  • 7 nights: EUR 490

Minimum charge is 4 nights; sorry, no pets!


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